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Your wedding day is probably the single most important event in your life until your little bundle of joy comes; till then, it's important that you capture each joyous moment and immortalize it forever. Photographs and portraits are still the best medium to do this, allowing you to look back on your most important day for years to come.

At Light Images by Susan, we know just how important a professional wedding photographer is. Susan Gomez has considerable skill in providing wedding photography in Las Vegas and her discerning eye gives her the ability distill the essence of every joyous moment during your very special day.

When you work with Susan, she will make sure that each photographic image is elegant and sophisticated, and captures perfectly the mood of the moment. Through the use of advanced technologies and state of the art equipment, she delivers beautiful pieces of art in both traditional and contemporary photography mediums.

When it comes to wedding photography all over the world, Susan is second to none. She handles your most memorable occasion with care and expertise; from the pre-event meeting all the way to the creation of your digital album, heirlooms, and framed photos. She'll be with you each step of the way, ensuring that your most important day is immortalized forever. She's witnessed hundreds of happily ever after, and she's ready to help make sure yours turns out the same, too.

Contact us today and learn more about how Susan can help you make your most important day an occasion that you can look back on and celebrate for years to come.

What people love about Susan is that all of your images are fully retouched.