Boudoir Photography Gallery for Las Vegas, NV

The human body is a piece of art in itself; the female and male figure has been widely depicted and immortalized throughout the years in paintings, sculptures and a myriad of different art mediums.

As one the first women to do boudoir photography in Las Vegas, Susan continues the tradition of capturing the natural essence of beauty for our female, male and couple clients. Susan has the experience and skill to capture each intimate moment and exemplify your body's natural beauty in both traditional and contemporary mediums. If you're planning to get boudoir pictures taken in Las Vegas for that special someone, then Susan is the photographer you can trust to deliver high quality and truly stunning pieces of art that won't look out of place in a museum.

What separates our boudoir photography in Las Vegas from the traditional concept is that our portraits don't just sexualize your body. We're here to empower you and your body and its natural beauty, and immortalize it in enlargements or digital images.

Susan's skill and discerning eye in creating aesthetic and enticing boudoir pictures in Las Vegas is backed by over 25 years of experience in the photography industry. Using advanced technologies and equipment, she has the ability to bring out the mood and inherent appeal of each boudoir portrait.

Are you looking to get your boudoir photo taken in Las Vegas? Choose Light Images by Susan for all your photography needs. Whether you need a cool sexy photograph or an empowering portrait, Susan has what it takes to make people feel very comfortable in their skin and deliver the highest quality pictures every time.

What people love about Susan is that all of your images are fully retouched.