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Light Images is the culmination of Susan Gomez's education, experience, knowledge and passion. For over 25 years Susan has captured all facets of photography in Las Vegas and all over the world. In a dynamic community marked by larger than life personalities, events and beauty, the ability to distill the essence of family moments, personal achievement's and shared occasions of joy have earned Susan her reputation as an extraordinary and gifted photographer. Susan's discerning eye and unerring vision is the foundation for her elegant and sophisticated portfolio featuring images from boudoir to executives, newborns and newlyweds. Susan's services are sought after to record industry achievements and family milestones alike. Susan continues to challenge herself through the use of advanced technologies and equipment.
Photographer's camera—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
Close-up of parots—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
Group of kids in a camping—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
Happy family—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
Man and woman riding on a bicylcle—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
Luxury wedding—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
Bride—Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV
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